Tony Yazbeck

On the Town

“…the wonderful Tony Yazbeck…when he looks inward, to his lovelorn heart, he becomes a supremely eloquent dancer, a fusion of Astaire’s elegance and Kelly’s bounce. And he has a yearning voice to match, plied to swoony effect in ballads like the great Lonely Town.”
Ben Brantley | New York Times

“…winning lead Tony Yazbeck, a dependable Broadway yeoman who arguably has never been more ideally cast than as Gabey. Whether in dramatic scenes, songs or in his rapturous dance numbers, Yazbeck brings just the right balance of masculinity and vulnerability, unworldliness and floating-on-air grace to the openhearted farm boy dreaming of love. It’s a star turn and yet seems so effortless it’s almost self-effacing.”
David Rooney | Hollywood Reporter

“His is expansive, full-bodied dancing, of a skill extraordinary to find in such an actor-singer; in Mr. Bergasse’s choreography, his hope and loneliness become supremely touching. Mr. Yazbeck is all of a piece. He can cavort with winning intensity, address the audience as if taking it into his confidence, then dance and sing alone as if we’re viewing his private thoughts. Months after witnessing his performance in “On the Town,” I can see and sense the shapes and gesture he makes in it, and feel the emotion that runs through them.”
Alastair Macaulay | New York Times

“His easy, warm, open-hearted and touchingly real performance provides the show with a firm emotional center. [“Lonely Town” is performed] gorgeously… by Mr. Yazbeck — your heart almost breaks as his wide-stretched arms, hungering for an embrace, close on emptiness. “
Charles Isherwood | New York Times

“Mr. Yazbeck is an ardent, graceful dancer.”
Charles Isherwood | New York Times

“Yazbeck is a very appealing and persuasive song-and-dance man.”
Joe Dziemianowicz | N.Y. Daily News

“This leaves Gabey alone to pour out his heart in “Lonely Town” (what a song!) and gives Yazbeck a moment of genuine glory.”
Marilyn Stasio | Variety

“Yazbeck delivers his solo “Lonely Town” with a wonderful ache.”
Mark Kennedy | The Associated Press

The Floor Above Me

Tony Yazbeck brings this elusive essence of old-timey Broadway class to his 54 Below debut, representing a dying breed of showmen that keeps the word debonair from falling into complete extinction. Tony Yazbeck is nothin’ but class.”
Hayley Levitt | TheaterMania

“I wasn’t prepared for the awesomeness of his 54 Below act, which I happened to catch last week over steak and sorbet. The sincere and amiable singer/dancer put on a show that was honest, personal, connected, and full of rhapsodizing rhythm. In my many years of reviewing cabaret acts, I’ve never seen anyone dare to dance on those relatively small stages, let alone turn them into gigantic recital halls by the sheer force of will and talent. But Yazbeck tore into some extraordinary moves (with guest stars) in between singing about the hopes and dreams of someone praying life will be like an MGM musical. Well, I’m glad to have seen this because I feel like I’ve won a Tony.”
Michael Musto |

“Performing in the intimate venue of 54 Below, Yazbeck unleashes his larger-than-life charm and talent, gifting audiences with a spellbinding performance that is unlike anything we have previously seen in the venue.”
David Clarke | BroadwayWorld