Music opens.

I find it amazing that music seems to bond together the experiences I have in life to become an emotional ride that seems to makes time slow down.  But of course moments slip away the second we feel they are moments.  We are lucky when we have a moment extend into a long series of moments that allow us to experience something exciting for a while.  That’s the beauty of artistic expression….It can never be duplicated.  The moment is gone…. It remains original and unique….now onto the next moment.

But back to music… I have always been so passionate about music since I was very young.  I loved to dissect a song in its lyrics and in its melody and structure of chords.  When a song is put together and forces you to feel something right away, that makes me even more curious.  Why did this song make me feel this way?  And then why might a song hit me later in life when it didn’t earlier on?  It seems our experiences in life give way for our ears to channel what we need to connect to.  Connection to music through places and people and moments….That seems to be the anchor of my artistic expression.  I do find it fascinating that in my traveling from theatre to theatre to do different productions of shows, sometimes the music in a show can tie together the moments you have in life that aren’t on that stage.

One example would be a certain beautiful tune that Scott Frankel and Michael Korie  wrote for Far From Heaven up at Williamstown Theatre Festival.  The song was called Miro (gorgeously sung by Kelli O’Hara and Brandon Victor Dixon).  I love it when a song like this can force you to open up your heart and look at life from a new point of view and connect to your sense of wonder again.  And in that single moment or series of fleeting moments you can understand that you are exactly where you should be in your life….open.

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